Scientific Presentations to Families

Many Patient Advocacy Groups associated with AGENDA hold public scientific meetings (mostly now virtual) as well as family meetings which share information about families, scientific updates, and resources that should be shared with not just other scientists but with other families.  Links are below.  

2020 Fall Research Series (virtual):

  • October 22:  The Science of Ketogentic Diet

  • October 27:  The Science of CBD US Policy Initiatives with Collaborative for CBD Science and Safety

  • November 5: Transition from Child to Adult Care in Special Needs

  • November 11:  Coping and Behavioral Techniques for Special Needs

  • December 8:  Financial Planning for Special Needs

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Past webinars:

The Sensory Diet

ASF Day of Learning (virtual)


See the full list of presentations here.

An introduction to clinical trials for patient advocacy groups, from recruiting patients to working with industry. Features Adam Harman, MD, of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

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