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The mission of AGENDA is to improve outcomes for individuals with all forms of autism by fostering a genetics-first approach to autism and neurodevelopmental disorders research, and by strengthening collaborations among organizations representing genetically-defined disorders associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and autism.

American Academy of Pediatrics Meeting 2023 ->


We are on Google Groups!   If you are involved with a Patient Advocacy Group, Organization, Institution that helps families with rare genetic disorders associated with NDDs and autism, or a researcher, scientist or clinician who helps families and wants to follow along with our conversation, please request permission to join us for regular updates and a schedule of zoom meetings.  If you have problems with the system, email Alycia Halladay at ASF:



CANDID (Consortium for Autism, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, & Digestive Diseases) is a newly-formed, multi-disciplinary collaborative organization that strives to bring together researchers, medical professionals, and patient advocacy groups around the issue of gastrointestinal disorders in NDDs. Gastrointestinal symptoms are experienced by many people with NDDs -- including those with rare genetic diagnoses -- which can have a significant impact on overall quality of life. However, the current diagnostic tools, therapies, and clinical guidelines for managing these symptoms in the general population are often insufficient or inappropriate for patients with NDDs.

CANDID is working to identify the most important GI-related issues in NDD populations, with the goal of educating medical communities and encouraging research that will lead to better therapies, better guidelines and assessments, and a better quality of life for people with NDDs and their families.


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